Sundays at 10am-12pm

All classes will provide participants with the tools needed to build a set of guiding principles that is truly their own and which will stay with them for years to come. The class includes textual learning, group interaction, and cutting-edge multimedia presentations, and refreshments will be served.

Merit Based Stipend:

Qualifying students can receive a stipend of up to $600. Stipend will be awarded on a scale based on attendance and participation. Students will be awarded funds at the Jewish Learning Institute Graduation. Limited space.

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Course Dates:

October 11th, 18th, 25th

November: 1st, 8th , 15th, 22nd

December: 6th, 13th

January: 10th 17th, 24th

February: 7th, 21st

26th-28th- International CTeen weekend in New York

March: 6th, 13th

April: 3rd, 10th, 17th

May: 15th, 22nd, - JLI Awards Ceremony

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The following essays should be written in 5 sentences or less. Choose 2 essays.

  1. Describe your relationship to being Jewish. Please keep in mind that JLI Teens is looking for a diverse group of Fellows, including both those who are not and those who are active in or affiliated with the Jewish community.

  1. Reflect on an experience, encounter or person that shaped you.

  1. Please describe what motivated you to apply for admission to the JLI Teen Leadership Program.

  1. What goals do you hope to achieve by attending The JLI Teen Leadership Program?