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JLI Teens Begins

Thursday, 15 October, 2015 - 1:23 pm

Sunday morning schedule of normality; wake up about 9am, devour a huge bowl of seemingly healthy cereal, think up more excuses to put off the homework I have that's due in a day, and take a nap. This past Sunday morning schedule was a bit different though. I still woke up about 9am, devoured a huge bowl of cereal, put on pants, and drove my car to the local Chabad center in Abacoa. Why would I do such a thing, you may or may not ask? Because JLI Teens is back in session! Starting my second consecutive year in the program, I found myself increasingly excited to arrive to the day's lesson despite the amount of times I hit the snooze button. Last year was quite an experience considering I wasn't all that active in my religion. But last year's session changed my perspective of Judaism and life itself; I was smiling at the world more so than ever before. So, why wouldn't I be excited for the next one? Anyway, I walked into Chabad feeling a bit nervous, but the welcoming sight of my friends and Rabbi melted the nerves away immediately. It felt like I was home, and I was put at ease right away. When we started the lesson, time practically flew by. That two hour discussion lasted all of 5 minutes, it seemed like! But it captivated me. Questions concerning the importance of Israel and Judaism swirled in my mind and jumped off my tongue, constantly initiating new subtopics about the central theme of the lesson; the land of Israel. With JLI, it doesn't feel like I'm in a classroom learning about the ideology of a religion. It feels as though I'm learning how to live my life the proper way, and finally implementing the true meaning of the word 'Torah' into my daily life. I definitely cannot wait to see what the other kids think of the lesson plans, and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Sunday to make another appearance. It's so exciting!



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Elaine Joseph wrote...

Thnx for sharing your heartwarming description Jenny! So happy for you to gain depth at this early stage of your life. To receive this soul food from the Barashes is also Very Special. Betay avon!!!