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A Nameless Virtue

Sunday, 22 November, 2015 - 1:02 pm

    I'm not proud that I had to come to JLI this morning in work clothes (ripped up tee-shirt and worn jean-shorts), but seeing as I had to run to work upon JLI's ending leaves my actions more than justified. And I'm not particularly happy with the fact that I couldn't attend last Sunday's session, but my health was extremely lacking- I couldn't effectively get out of bed. So, just for the record, and whatever vain soul that may be keeping it, my lax in blogging progress has not been due to negligence. I save that for schoolwork. But, I do have good news to soothe any heightened frustrations. So read on, dear reader!

    Initially, it was established (with vehement enthusiasm, I must add) that I am in need of a Hebrew name... any suggestions? I'm sure I'll think of something by the next lesson. That's going to be occupying my mind quite a bit. But let's talk about the actual lesson, shall we? The component that held most prominence was, of course, the Uniqueness that is Israel. "...And also we shall be like all the nations..." Well, quite frankly, that was a failed attempt. We are nothing like the rest of the world. Sure, Israel holds the common ideals of a Democracy, but a Jewish Democracy. Our biggest issue as a people is our crisis of identity. Trying to make a name for ourselves if only to gain the approval of the world. It's a scary concept when differentiability becomes just another evil. Personally, I feel as though our differences are what make us so beautiful. Something perhaps just as beautiful, though, is sleep. Miss Sarah shared with us the importance of sleep not just in a physical sense, but in a spiritual one as well. It gives us the opportunity to have a new beginning each day; to wake up like a lion. Apex confidence and motivation in order to complete the mission in which G-d laid out for us.

    Turkey Day is upon us, my lovelies. It is that time of year when we all forget that diet plan, buy bigger pants, and take part in turkey-induced comas. And so I bid you all adieu, until next week!

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