Q. What is the JLI?

A. The mission of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is to create a global network of informed students connected by bonds of shared Jewish experience. We have been creating learning curriculum for over eleven years and continue to set new standards in the field. Our holistic approach to Jewish study considers the impact of Judaic values on personal and interpersonal growth.

Drawing on research-based instructional design and cutting-edge approaches to learning, JLI’s innovative presentation of Jewish wisdom is designed to be both intellectually rigorous and highly accessible.

JLI is associated with the educational arm of Chabad-Lubavitch.

Q. We’re not religious or affiliated with Chabad, is this program for our teenager?

A. Yes, we believe there is a great value for any Jewish teenager in the JLI Teens program. In fact, some of our students are active participants in their local Synagogue or Temple, while others have little involvement if any in the organized Jewish community. The benefits of the program are universal.

Our curriculum is not preachy. It’s designed to speak to the minds and hearts of high school students from all backgrounds, engaging them and challenging them to think for themselves about issues surrounding Judaism and its relevance to their modern lives.

Q. My teen is already over-burdened with school work, won’t this be a distraction?

Not at all. Studies show that participation in extra-curricular activities results in higher academic achievement overall, as well as improving the way high school students manage time. Additionally, technological advancements in today’s world have created a real social crisis where many of our youth lack authentic, interpersonal experiences. JLI Teens provides a structured environment for unwinding and socializing with their peers.

Q. Will I have to drag my teen to the sessions each week?

A. NO, they’ll be reminding you! Our unique learning model is multi-sensory and designed with the busy, over-stimulated 21st century teenager in mind. This is not a lecture. Our presenters will be challenging their student’s paradigms, inspiring them to evaluate and grow.

Q. Will JLI Teens help my son/daughter as they prepare for college?

A. During the program, students will develop and exercise debate, leadership and communication skills - important tools for an successful college career. When your son/daughter attends a JLI Teens course they become a member of the International JLI Teen Scholars Network, and will receive an official JLI certificate testifying to their participation in the program. This can be a great feature to add to their college application and resume.

Q. Where and when is the program offered?
A. Chabad Jewish Center of Jupiter: 1209 Main St. #110 Jupiter, FL 33458 Contact Sarah Barash 561-222-4083
Q. How can my son/daughter receive a stipend at the conclusion of the year?
A. A stipend is awarded based on completion of necessary assignments, active participation during seminars and attendance.We encourage students to use the stipend to invest in materials and/or experiences that will further develop their leadership skills.