The Friendship Circle 

A youth oriented volunteer circle that befriends children with special needs



Our philosophy is based on the belief that each special child is a valuable and important member of our community, with an integral role in its growth and development.


To raise consciousness in the community and be of help to its special need members. The Friendship Circle strives to create a bond between teenagers and special needs youngsters. Our objective is :

  1. To provide an additional program for special needs children.
  2. To help shape the personality and sense of responsibility of teenagers.  
  3. To offer a weekly respite for the family.

It endeavours to meet the social and emotional needs of each child in a comprehensive, professional and effective manner.

It will provide a setting rich Jewish tradition and teachings.

It will foster volunteerism, compassion among our youth.

It will battle prejudice and encourage inclusion and opportunities for integration.


Client Criteria

The Friendship Circle will service children with a wide range of physical and developmental challenges.

Each individual program will be designed so that the unique needs of the special needs children between 2 – 15 yrs. are serviced by trained teenagers accordingly.


 Call Sarah 561-222-4083 for more information